Hi, I’m Anne Cowell and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

Firstly, I am passionate about animals (especially dogs)!

I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia, as it was at the time) and a year after marriage, my husband and I moved to South Africa. Some years later we had a son and then a daughter, and over the years, we were lucky enough to share our lives and homes with a dog (or two).

In 2002, as a family, we moved to beautiful New Zealand.

My working career has always been accounting and accounting systems.  In 2012 I wanted to do something special for my ageing parents who were still living in South Africa. So I wrote a children’s book to dedicate to them.  The subject was our gorgeous Border Collie, Frisby, who we had some years ago and who my parents adored.

Once the book was written, it needed illustrations. I have never had an artistic bone in my body, but decided that I would give drawing a go. On searching the Internet I bought a tutorial on how to draw a dog’s face, in pencil. I couldn’t believe the outcome – I could draw! So I bought some pastels (kids love colour) and began on my illustrations. I was blown away by what I was able to achieve. I then had to self-publish and it was all the most amazing learning curve and time of personal development and growth.  I am now ‘hooked’ on writing children’s books. I have since published two more books in the Frisby series (and one still to be completed) and have published three in the ‘Dream Cloud’ series and two books in the series ‘Our Amazing Animals’. I have plans for many more books and can’t wait to get stuck in to doing them all.  I am also working on improving my artistic skills – and I am pleased to say that my art has improved to the point where I have done several commissions of animals for clients.  As with everything, there is always more to learn and greater achievements to reach for, so I continue to push myself to be better and to discover new passions.

An idea to write a novel was born towards the end of 2015.  During the last two years I have been working on the first novel in a fantasy/realistic series (a new genre?).  This has been another challenging and rewarding experience, with a few set-backs and ‘on-hold’ periods.  It has involved much soul-searching and positive talks to myself to get to it completed.  So, finally it is with great excitement that I find myself ready to share it with the world.

I hope that you and your children / grandchildren / nieces / nephews / friends enjoy my creations and my passion for animals and our beautiful world.

Best wishes,

Anne Cowell


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