My passion for animals has encouraged me to paint dogs, horses, wildlife and birds. Horses are fabulous as they are very individual and have amazing structure. Most of my works are in pastels, but some are in coloured pencils, and a few acrylics.  I also attempt different styles now and again, but my most successful artwork is ‘realistic’.

All works below are available as high quality art prints, and some of them are available as originals.

Some prints are available via Fine Art America here, but please be aware that as this is USA site, therefore prices are in USD and shipping may be costly, depending where you live.

I have a great printer in New Zealand, so please email me if shipping is for AU or NZ.  Also please email if you are interested in any originals, or wish to have a commissioned artwork done especially.




This painting of the lovely palomino, Ed was done as a prize for a win in a show jumping competition.

This comment was put up on Facebook on 25/01/14, the day after Megan collected her painting:

Megan Schischka I am incredibly lucky to have had the privilege of Anne painting my gorgeous boy. Can you believe that this is only the second horse she has painted? From looking at this I would have though that she has been painting them for years. She has captured every aspect of him PERFECTLY, especially that beautiful eye of his. I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much. I can highly recommend Anne to anyone wanting a picture of their four-legged friend (or anything for that matter).


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