Dream Clouds Series

Bedtime! Most children try to push the boundaries on this one.

This series of children’s books encourages the love of stories at bedtime and puts a positive spin on dreams by turning potentially scary dreams into loads of fun!

Kids love the rhyme and colorful illustrations.   Watch the video sample of a few of the pages with a song by Dragon-Diva…enjoy!

Dream Clouds and Dragon-Diva (Book 1)

Vibrant illustrations and fun rhyme introduce lovely fantasy characters and a singing competition, the M-Factor (sound vaguely familiar?). This one stands for Magical Factor!

The little girl is originally frightened by the sight of the dragon in her dream, but the dragon is scared too! By their mutual respect, kindness and understanding they become friends and have a great time exploring the dragon’s world together.

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Jigsaw puzzle – riding on a dragon

Dream Clouds and Pony Tales (Book 2)

Dream clouds are not scary tonight, but the little girl is not totally sure of the pony. The child reacts gently and calmly and the pony responds by showing affection back to her. They already have something in common – pony tails! Once they become friends, they have a great evening of adventure together.

With the vibrant illustrations and catchy rhyme, little girls (and boys) love this story of friendship with this gorgeous pony.

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Jigsaw puzzle – girl and pony meet

Dream Clouds and Monsters (Book 3)

This book appeals more to boys (though girls love it too). Sometimes bedtime and dreams can be scary for children, so in this story the fear is turned into fun.

At first the night is frightening with shadows on the wall, and the child’s imagination runs wild. Dream clouds appear, bringing strange and potentially frightening creatures, which turn out to be amazing play-mates!

Come on into the world of not-so-scary-monsters with delightful rhyme and cool creatures!

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Jigsaw puzzle – boy sees monster


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