Opaitu Series of fantasy novels

The Universe is calling…will Earth respond?

The first book in the Opaitu series

Opaitu – The Calling revolves around real-world issues and challenges us all to think about Earth and our place in the universe

Opaitu – The Calling

Two girls … Two worlds … Two choices …

Rika’s unhappy memories of her time on Earth have been stirred, and now she has been asked to do the unthinkable.

Robyn considers herself an ordinary fourteen-year-old who is dealing with her own insecurities. Yet vivid dreams, involving her beautiful dog Paprika, leave her feeling somehow different.

Life becomes confusing as Robyn finds herself entwined in something much bigger than her own problems. As the truth is revealed, Robyn is confronted with a tough choice. Does she have the courage to brave the unknown?

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