Loved it, you will too

We just love this story especially my daughter who is constantly getting my kindle and saying ‘story mummy?’ The pictures are awesome and the rhyme is fabulous.

Would recommend to all to get the series 🙂


A Favourite with the Grandchildren

There are many wonderful things I could write about this book, but all that really matters is this: our grand daughters love this book. Miss 3 has heard the story so many times she can tell the story back to me now just by looking at the pictures. And Miss 6 can read this story all by herself.

The story is written from the puppy’s perspective and that really gets the girl’s little imaginations working.

David F

Granny and book lover

Another delightful book with wonderful illustrations and such a frolicking journey for the puppy as she learns what’s right and what’s not! My Grandchildren simply love the series and can so identify with the puppy’s story and realize why they get bowled over when they finally get home from school each day!

Children and adults alike simply cannot help loving Frisby as she takes us through her journey!.

Pam Stephenson


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