My passion for animals has encouraged me to paint dogs, horses, wildlife and birds. Each animal 'speaks' to me in a special way whilst I am trying to capture it's likeness. With dogs and cats, I love to really get the eyes to bring life to the painting. Horses are great subjects as they have amazing muscle structure. I also enjoy doing the odd landscape and seascape. Most of my works are in pastels, but some are in coloured pencils, acrylics or watercolours, and some I use a combination (mixed media). I am always pushing my boundaries and comfort-zone by trying new techniques and styles, but to date I feel that my most successful artwork is 'realistic'.

Most artworks are available as high quality art prints, and some of them are available as originals.

I take special care when doing a commission of a beloved animal, in order to capture their personality and expression.







Children's Books

My creative journey started with the Frisby series of children's books. It was an exciting learning process and opened up a new world to me. The experience encouraged me to work on improving my artistic skills and also gave me the courage to write a novel. I still can't believe that I am now on this creative path - it's magical, and I'm very thankful that I took the plunge into something that was previously not on my radar.

I feel so fortunate that we have so much information at our fingertips and that so many people share their knowledge so graciously in order that we may learn and grow. Now that I have begun this journey, it's a juggle to decide what to tackle next as there are so many things to try. I have a number of projects on the go at once!

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