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Frisby series

Based on a real and very special dog, Frisby (and the author’s other wonderful dogs), the “Frisby” series of children’s books is the story about the beautiful relationship between a dog and child.

The easy rhyming narrative and vibrant illustrations depict the unfolding bond of trust and affection as seen through the eyes of the puppy, whilst at the same time capturing the child’s sense of achievement and growing responsibility as child and puppy together embark upon a journey that will ultimately span many years of discovery and adventure. There is also a toddler series available, which is a simpler and shortened version of these much loved books.

Frisby – Puppy Days (Book 1)

In the first book, Frisby – Puppy Days, the child becomes the owner of a beautiful Border Collie puppy.

The puppy chooses the child by being too cute to resist!

The puppy (who the child names Frisby) tells the story of how she reacts to all the new experiences and how the child helps to make her feel safe and loved. The child learns to look after Frisby as she starts to understand some house rules.

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Frisby – I'm Learning! (Book 2)

Frisby and the child are now friends and Frisby is settling into her new home, but she is just a puppy and there is so much to learn.

In this second book, Frisby – I’m Learning!, the puppy tells about the naughty things she does and the trouble she gets into. With the child’s help, love and understanding, Frisby learns to behave properly and also learns some cool tricks.

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Frisby – Fun and Friends (Book 3)

Now that Frisby is over the naughty stage and has learned acceptable behaviour, she and the child begin to really enjoy life together.

In this third book, Frisby is now fully-grown and has great fun with the child and her new doggy friends. By keeping her active with lots of exercise and games she is a content and happy dog.

And so the bond and the love between dog and child grows stronger.

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Frisby - Toddler Series

The Frisby series is available in shortened version for toddlers - less words and less pages. Great for little ones to connect with this special dog!

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Dream Cloud series

Bedtime! Most children try to push the boundaries on this one. This series of children’s books encourages the love of stories at bedtime and puts a positive spin on dreams by turning potentially scary dreams into loads of fun! Kids love the rhyme and colorful illustrations.   Watch the video sample of a few of the pages with a song by Dragon-Diva…enjoy!

Dream Clouds and Dragon Diva

Vibrant illustrations and fun rhyme introduce lovely fantasy characters and a singing competition, the M-Factor. This one stands for Magical Factor!

The little girl is originally frightened by the sight of the dragon in her dream, but the dragon is scared too! By their mutual respect, kindness and understanding they become friends and have a great time exploring the dragon’s world together.

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Dream Clouds and Pony Tales

Dream clouds are not scary tonight, but the little girl is not totally sure of the pony. The child reacts gently and calmly and the pony responds by showing affection back to her. They already have something in common – pony tails! Once they become friends, they have a great evening of adventure together.

With the vibrant illustrations and catchy rhyme, little girls (and boys) love this story of friendship with this gorgeous pony.

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Dream Clouds and Monsters

Sometimes bedtime and dreams can be scary for children, so in this story the fear is turned into fun.

At first the night is frightening with shadows on the wall, and the child’s imagination runs wild. Dream clouds appear, bringing strange and potentially frightening creatures, which turn out to be amazing play-mates!

Come on into the world of not-so-scary-monsters with delightful rhyme and cool creatures!

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Our Amazing Animals series

Encourage children to appreciate and respect our amazing animals. These books are sure to delight children with flowing rhyme, colorful illustrations and information on some of Africa’s beautiful wild animals.

Whose Big Butt?

Whose Big Butt introduces some of the beautiful wild animals of Africa. An engaging and informative book in rhyme showing us how the animal got its big butt. A fun book for children (and parents).

One fun repetitive verse gets the kids ‘hooked’ onto the theme: Whose Big Butt is that I see? Whose Big Butt in front of me?

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Beautiful Baby

This book in the series "Our Amazing Animals" depicts some of Africa's beautiful baby animals in vivid colour and rhyming lyrics.

One repetitive verse gets the kids ‘hooked’ onto the theme, as they learn a little about each of the animals: Beautiful baby…I see you Beautiful baby…Who are you?

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